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I think I am surrounded. I found these cases of notebooks and odd bits of stationery up in this attic. I have made a small nest for myself that should get me through tonight. Luckily the owners of the house keep, or kept, a lot of stuff in their attic otherwise it would’ve been a cold night. There was a chest full of dresses and another full of curtains. I’ll sleep in a pile of those tonight. It seems safe here. They, the things, don’t seem able to climb or do things other than walk, chase and attack. I saw them attack that lady, the large one. I thought they were helping her, then I thought they were doing CPR, but who does CPR on someone who just fell down. They killed her. I still remember the screams of horror and the others running. No one stopped to help her.

I can hear things moving out in the streets. I hear screams too, sometimes distant and sometimes nearer. I don’t know what’s happening but writing in this notebook is comforting. It’s getting dark, I’m writing in the last sliver of light. Soon it will just be me and the darkness. I’m glad I got water at the shops and a few things to eat too, but they won’t last. Things outside seem bad. A few Bar-Ones and a bottle of water should get me through a day or two. Maybe things will get better then. Maybe it’ll be over soon.

My name is Morgan. This is the first time I’ve ever written a journal and the first time I’ve been afraid of the coming dark.